How to request a conference network for an event


A Faculty/Staff member can request a conference network for a large-scale event and would be considered a chargeable service. 


Please contact the WTS Helpdesk.

The following details will need to be provided:

  1. Conference Name.
  2. Preferred network name (SSID) to be broadcasted.
  3. Start Date and time.
  4. End Date and time.
  5. Location(s) where the conference is being held.
  6. Approximate number of attendees.
  7. (Optional) A list of registered attendees. You can get the attendee template here: WTSConferenceWirelessAttendeeTemplate.csv

Prior to the event you will be provided with an Admin account to register/modify attendees as needed for the duration of the event.

NOTE: The Admin provided account is unable to remove registered accounts. In order to remove accounts, you must contact the WTS Helpdesk.

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