Two Hour Lockout

If your computer's network traffic patterns match those that are considered suspicious and/or malicious under normal computing use, you may find that your Western Wireless access has been temporarily locked out or blocked for a 2 hour period. This block is automatic and cannot be manually removed. It will remain in effect for 2 hours, and will be reinstated if the offending behaviour of your computer is not resolved.

There are a number of reasons your network traffic patterns to be considered suspicious or malicious:

  • You may have a virus or spyware on your system. Unfortunately it happens, and you will need to purchase and load an effective antivirus and anti-spyware product, such as PC-Cillin, which is offered at the Campus Computer store in the UCC. WTS recommends all Western Wireless users install up-to-date PC-Cillin or equivalent anti-virus software on their wireless systems, and verify that your wireless system is clean and free of viruses, worms, malicious web-surfing-tracking software and keyboard/packet sniffers.
  • Your operating system may not have all of the current patches installed. We strongly recommend that you have all current operating system patches and updates installed on your computer. Service packs contain updates for security, system reliability, program compatibility, and more.
  • You may be running software that causes a degeredation of service to others.Peer-to-peer file sharing programs, such as, but not limited to LimeWire, BitTorrent, Kazaa, E-mule, UWGo, etc. are not allowed on Western's Wireless networks. These programs cause problems on our wireless networks due to high bandwidth use, which cause degradation in service to other users. They also expose computers to harmful and malicious programs. They must be turned off before accessing Western's Wireless network. Other software may also cause service degrading behaviour.

When you have resolved your issue you will need to call the Helpdesk and let them know what you have done to resolve the problem. If more steps are required, they will assist you.

PLEASE NOTE: If you continue to have lock-out problems after you have been let back onto the system, you will be locked out of the system again, until you fix or resolve the issue effectively. If this cycle happens enough times, you run the risk of losing your network connection privileges all together.

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